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Nikselblad 再進化- Olympus OM Zuiko 24mm f/3.5 Shift

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Nikselblad 再進化- Olympus OM Zuiko 24mm f/3.5 Shift

再為 Nikselblad 升級,
入了一枝幕名已久,非常罕有的 Shift Lens,Olympus OM Zuiko 24mm f/3.5 Shift。

在沒有 Full Frame 的數碼機背年代,廣角鏡不廣是大家所需面對的問題。
(Full Frame CCD 才剛上市,但亦只在最高檔和最大像素的 Digital Back 出現。)
如自己使用的 Hasselblad V 系裹,可更換鏡頭中,最廣角的便是 40mm,成倍率後只約為135的 31mm。
即使是 Hasselblad H 糸,最廣角的也只不過是 28mm。
而要比 28mm 更廣的話,世上亦只有兩枝可供 Digital Back 使用,
一枝是 Schneider Apo-Digitar 24mm/f5.6 XL,
另一枝是上年面世的 Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 23mm/5.6。
兩枝鏡的成像圈也不見得大,只是 60mm 與 70mm 罷了。
種種條件之下,數碼機背發展下來, OM 24mm f/3.5 Shift 一直是大家搜羅對像。
從數據看,它的成像圈有 57mm,但經測試,實是不只。
所以多年來在 eBay 上觀察,價格常被抄上兩萬元港幣 !
如今配上此鏡的 Nikselblad,以自已 44mm x 33mm 的數碼機背CCD看,
雖然可移軸範圍只有 3mm 至 5mm,但卻能擁有135的 19mm 視角和透視呢。




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  1. Aka

    真係賣咗! 公起公起 🙂

  2. 多謝多謝,可遇不可求嘛,
    更機緣的是,它巳由 OM mount 改成 AI mount,

  3. Hi! Beautiful images in your website! 🙂
    I’m really amazed by your solution fro using 35mm shift lenses with medium format backs… I have a PhaseOne back, and i’d like to give a try to this solution…
    Can you please tell me on wich Horseman camera did you based on?
    My best regards

  4. Hi Michele,

    It’s not a Horseman camera.
    Horseman Digiflex only up to a 24mm x 36mm sensor. I’m using an adapter as camera body, you can buy it from ebay :


  5. Oh great Kalson! 🙂
    Many many thanks for your info! 🙂


  6. Dear Mr. Kalson Ho;

    I´ve discovered your website incidentally and i reallly appreciate your work!

    And since i own a OM 24mm Shift lens that has been modificated for NikonF-mount your Nikselblad really made me curious! i am working with 24×36 and not sooo familiar with medium format. So would you be so kind and answer me a few questions?
    Is the Copal shutter customised or are there adapters for this kind of configuration? does the image circle of the 24mm shift lens really cover the 6x6cm of the hasselbald? if so, can the lens be shifted then?
    i would appreciate if you could help me with me ignorance.

    yours sincerely


  7. Hi there,

    It’s just need a normal copal 3 shutter but a custom made adapter should be required. This adapter is made from attaching a screw type mount ( i forgot the diameter of copal 3 ) and a nikon F mount (or OM mount ) together. The OM 24mm shift lens does not have enough image circle to cover 6×6 format, but it does enough with my 33mm x 44mm digital back. I can get around 3mm to 5mm shift movement.

    Best regards,

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